[2022.7.9] Doubles  practice with Niro

Hitting practice

I hurt my right leg toe and it was hard for me to bend over when I hit my groundstroke. But when I started hitting my shot I became normal and I was back to myself.
My serve was pretty powerful it wasn’t as my max, but I got a few aces. My smashes were unstoppable I did only 2 misses and that was it.

What I am gonna do next time

  • I got a couple of points when I am the server and I ran towards the net and me and Niro made a wall, but when I do that I have to call out and say something to Niro so that he knows I am coming forward.
  • When I hit my volley try to hit it somewhere higher.
  • Don’t do a drop volley because the opponent can easily take and hit it back.
  • Go more forward when I am hitting my volley.
  • It is very useful to hit lob because I can make time to go forward and push the opponent.
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