[2021.12.30] Private coaching from Tsuyoshisan

Private coaching

The wind was powerful and we did on a court that was a little bit diagonal.

What I learned today


When I do my take back fast. I can make my energy forward and I will be able to hit the ball with my stance as a cross-court.
He told me that my side movement was good, but my forward and back movement wasn’t that good, he said that most people it the same, but when I am able to get my forward and back movement good, I will be able to hit the ball at my strike zone all the time and I will get more chances of winning the point.

Sprit steps

When I am going to the net to finish the point I should follow the ball way and stand there.
I have to do split steps each time when the opponent hits, including when I am going to the net. I should let the ball bounce when I am at the volley. When I ball comes shortly I have to go forward and smash the ball (If it is possible).

Slice serve

When I am serving I need to use a little more slice even on the deuce side center, it is good to use slice because it is easier to get the ball in.
When I am going for S&V my service doesn’t have to be fast at all, because they can’t drive volley my serve so it can be a moon ball, but it can’t just be moon ball it has to have topspin and it has to be able to push the opponent back, and can’t let them just smash it.


I also did 1min feeding that goes the random places, and Tsuyoshi said that this happens very often in Japan, and to be honest my ball didn’t go in at all… And to be honest it was hell. I was very tired, and my leg felt like it was gonna get pulled out. In Japan at 3min to 10min is an average of doing this, so I want to get the ball in more and to be able to do 10min easily.

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