[2022.2.15] Private coaching with Robbie

Private coaching

What I learned

  1. The warm-up was very fun and I now know how important is why do a warm-up is important, I watched Djokovic’s stretch before training, and I am going to do that in the next training.
  2. I need to stretch my inside leg more because many people injure that part, and if I injure myself I can’t play for a long time.
  3. I learned to get the ball in more and to be consistent, and that is my 1st goal.
  4. the one that wins the point at the end is the one who gets the ball the most.
  5. You also taught me to be neutral feeling, because if I think positive that means I have a negative
  6. I should not care even miss, and instead I should think about the next point.
  7. I have to get the ball more and brush, then I will be more consistent and I will be able to hit more topspin shots.
  8. I need to start from my left shoulder then end facing my right shoulder to the front at the end.
  9. I actually started watching Patric Mouet’s youtube because you said that he is a very good coach
  10. I shouldn’t try to hit a good forehand, I should just tap and get the ball in.
  11. The reason why Nadal wins so many games is that he uses topspin and he pushes the opponent to the back. And if I hit flat the opponent can easily hit the ball back, because they don’t have to get back.
  12. I should play the same either it is just 40-0 or 0-40
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