[2022.5.28] Private coaching with Kodama coach

Private coaching

It was the first day to get private coaching from Kodama coach, I have got lessons from him a couple of times, and his teaching style fits me perfectly. It was 2 hours and we did it on Astro court, he mostly taught me the same things, but it is very interesting.

Things he taught me

  • For all my shots I need to hit the ball closer, When I try to push a thing with my racket my arm gets close to my body and it means that that is where I can get the power from the most. Just because I am hitting the ball far away from me doesn’t mean I can get the most power.
    Even from my serve, It is the same as baseball my racket shouldn’t be high some coaches say that I need to hit it the highest place when I am hitting my serve, but what I and Kodama coach think is that the whole point is to hit the ball hard into the court so I need to go forward not backward it is in the whole tennis, Never go backward try to hit the ball forward.
  • When I am hitting my volley try to hit it close to my leg’s knee.
  • When I am hitting my back, jumping smash makes my feet go backward and make my face go forward and run. And when I hit jump with my right leg and land with my left leg.
  • Keep my L shape for my serve and hit, that means that my tose has to be low, another thing is that I do my tose first and then I lift my racket so do these 2 things at the same time.
  • I don’t need to think if I can go to the net, it is not up to the opponent it is up to me. In the whole tennis game only I know what I am going to do so don’t look at the opponent make your action before you hit the ball that way I will be able to play relaxed.
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