Myodani Ajisai Park

Hitting practice

[2022.7.31] tennis coaching from a very special person

I played for 3 hours with him and he is a two-handed player. He taught me double, but he taught me mental things the mo...
Hitting practice

[2022.7.30] tennis practice with 12 people

I played for 7 hours and it was very tough but once again I ate lunch and the sun was out and I am so good. So I was pl...
Hitting practice

[2022.7.29] Practice with dad

I played 7 hours in total today but I will be writing the practice me and dad did it in the afternoon (3h 30m)We did mo...
Hitting practice

[2022.7.15] Hitting practice with dad

How was today? I did 2 hours of hitting and training with dad so my body was feeling very well.I had a very good rig...
Hitting practice

[2022.7.3] Practice with few adults

Today there was lots of wind and my stroke was 90% hand but my serve was very good. I played a few doubles, and I lost ...
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