Three Kings Tennis Court

Hitting practice

[2022.5.21] Having a hit with Sora Aoyama in Japan

I knew him when I was in New Zealand and he was very good. He is 16 years old and he hits a very good topspin ball. He ...
Hitting practice

[2022.1.20] Training with Dad

I lost the 10 point tiebreaker at the end 7-10 and I don’t think the score really matters because I was consistent and ...
Hitting practice

[2022.1.14] Training with dad

Today we opened a brand new ball, and to be honest, I was able to deal with it quickly, and the thing that I like the m...
Hitting practice

[2021.12.25] Hitting with dad

We mostly did feed and serve, and a little bit of volley. What I thought It is important to know if the ball that...
Hitting practice

[2021.12.24] Hitting with dad

My intensity was high I was trying to be like Rublev, and hitting hard and flat. What I thought I hit hard when t...
Hitting practice

[2021.12.20] Morning hitting with dad

I did this morning's training with dad. We mostly did backhand it did get better, but still, not enough, we also did so...
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