[2021.12.28] Peter Clarke Bayleys Mount Maunganui Beach Open Tennis Tournament 2021 – Men’s Social Doubles


Date: 27 Dec to 29 Dec 2021
Venue: Mount Maunganui Tennis Club, Tauranga, New Zealand
Website: Tennis New Zealand

About my Tennis

How did I communicate with my partner to win?

We figured out who is better and we targeted the other one. We go for their backhand most of the time. We use lob or drop shot to change their way and make them confused.

What did I learn from my partner?

Even when you miss, look UP and keep going with the match. Do 100% concentration for the whole match, start to finish.

How was my skill today?


It wasn’t bad at all… I was able to control the place to hit, and the type of the ball. I used a topspin serve for the 2nd serve because it goes to their backhand and they can’t hit it back hard, even when the ball is slow.


I tried putting more topspin on my ball, and I tried to push the opponent more back. I think I used too many high balls, I was scared that I might miss them.


There wasn’t much backhand, because it was a doubles game and we mostly hit a forehand. The only time when I use it is when I am running and I put it up high.


I had a couple of chances and I finished it some. But it took me a while to end the point because I don’t have a fast volley like Yu An and I just put it deep.


I had 3 chances and I got all of them in. Maybe next time I am able to control the smash and hit it to their backhand fast.

About the Doubles game

What do I think is important (mental, skill) to win in doubles?

It is very important to have teamwork because you have to know how your partner is going to react to the ball, and where he is going to be. In singles you need power. But in doubles it is all about skill because there are 2 of you and you don’t need power, you just have to change the ball and distract the opponent.

What do I keep in mind when I play doubles next time?

  1. I would try to go to the net more often and try to get the point quicker.
  2. I am gonna get more services in, and let the speed go slow.

What was the difference between singles and doubles?

The place you are able to hit gets smaller, and you have to use your skill more to win. You’re gonna have to control the ball more.

What do I think can be used for singles when playing doubles games?

Your skill will be better, especially slice.
And your movement and volley will get sharper…
Your serve’s consistency will increase, and most of all you are going to be able to be an open person who is able to talk to anybody.

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