[2022.1.24] Northern Summer Junior Championships 2022 – Graded Boys Div 2


Date: 23 Jan to 26 Jan 2022
Venue: Albany Tennis Park, Auckland, New Zealand
Website: Northern Summer Junior Championships 2022 – Graded Boys Div 2

About my opponents

What kind of characteristics did Finn James feel as a player? What kind of tennis should I play to win?

Finn James / Won: 7-6 (7-5), 6-4

He is a player who hit’s a fast and heavy ball, but he gets sometimes inconsistent and he gets emotional very quickly.

He is so much taller than me and he hits a very fast service compared to me, but I won because I was consistent and I was patient.

About my Tennis

How did I feel about my body during the match?

My right leg hurt at the end of the 1set and in the 2nd set I couldn’t walk normally and jump, and I had to use my racket as a wand because I couldn’t walk normally, and Finn knew it and he tried to move me but he missed and hit it over because he was rushing.

What was my skill during the match?


I didn’t so much double fault, but I did do some double fault, and in the 2nd set I was doing a service that was so weak because I couldn’t bend my leg, and generate power like in the beginning, but the consistency level went up.


I did a lot of moon ball because I was scared that I might miss and that if I hit in a low shape he might counter. I used 80% arm in the 2nd set I think it was ok if I had only that much-left stamina.


I used to slice a little more than last time because his shot is fast and I don’t have time to set up. I also used a lot of taps because his shots are fast that I can only lift the ball up, but I need to step back and hit the ball at the front more.


I used only a few times because most of the time I was defending and I don’t really have much chance to go to the net or to attack, but when I did I was able to shake him around, but from what I remember I got lobbed many times.

How did I feel about my mental health during the match?

There was a little bit of up and down except I kept playing my game and I didn’t change my playstyle so I was able to win, I was showing my emotion which I think was really good. And if I was losing I think I would have cried in front of Finn.

What was my confidence about during the match?

When we had a long rally and when Finn aimed too much on the corner that it went side out I was very proud of myself. When Finn kept aiming at the backhand, and I kept returning until Finn made a miss I was proud too and felt like my backhand was really good.

What was I worried about during the match?

When I did a double fault I got nervous and this happened a lot, When I am at 40-0 I do 3 double faults in a row and I end up losing the 40-40. When I aim at the sideline too much I get a little bit nervous, and I blame myself a bit too much.

Looking back on the match, if I could coach (advice) myself in the match, what would I like to convey?

I would tell myself that Finn loves cross-court forehand on the single’s line so watch out for that… Try to hit back against Finn’s fast and heavy ball instead of running away.
Even when it gets tiring keep in mind to not do double fault.

What do I want to improve and practice before the next game?

  1. I want to hit with people who hit fastball because I don’t want to keep running away every time I play someone who hits a fastball.
  2. I want to have a 2nd serve like Yu-An because he gets 85% of his 2nd serve, and I think it is very good.
  3. I want to be able to swing my racket faster, by using my body, so I can hit faster balls.
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