[2022.1.25] Northern Summer Junior Championships 2022 – Graded Boys Div 2


Date: 23 Jan to 26 Jan 2022
Venue: Albany Tennis Park, Auckland, New Zealand
Website: Northern Summer Junior Championships 2022 – Graded Boys Div 2

About my opponents

What kind of characteristics did Frank Deng feel as a player? What kind of tennis should I play to win?

He is a half one-handed backhand and a half 2 handed backhand person.

His swing head speed for forehand is very fast so he gets so much topspin, but his shots are short so it wasn’t much of a big deal. He hits my backhand most of the time, and I kept doing lob and tried to return to his backhand deep.

About my Tennis

How did I feel about my body during the match?

It was perfect except I didn’t do any warm-up so my body was tight and I was hitting all the balls with my arm, so I wasn’t hitting the heavy balls.

What was my skill during the match?


I did a weak serve like Yu An’s 2nd serve for both of my serves because they were wind and I knew that it wasn’t easy for Frank to hit my serve fast to the corner.


I did slice 70% at the beginning of the court but I knew that Frank could just slice back so I decided to use topspin ball too, and Frank had a hard time dealing with that.


I used to slice a little more than last time because his shot is fast and I don’t have time to set I did slice and when there is a fastball I taped it deeply because I don’t have time to prepare for a slice, but other than that I did slice only to franks backhand.


I wasn’t able to do that much volley because I was on defense mode most of the time. But I do think that I should have done more volley because I know where Frank is going to hit.

How did I feel about my mental health during the match?

Also at the beginning, I was already thinking about the win because also of the ranking but I saw how Frank plays and I knew he was going DOWN. But surprisingly when Frank got a game from me, my mind went a little down.

What was my confidence about during the match?

I was proud of myself when Frank made a miss because of my slice or when I hit kept defending till Frank missed. I didn’t say common much only when I won the match.

What was I worried about during the match?

I was nervous about my double fault at the beginning because the wind was powerful, and I didn’t do any warm-up I was nervous when frank hit a slice when I am in an uncomfortable position because in this match slice is one of the biggest weapons.

Looking back on the match, if I could coach (advice) myself in the match, what would I like to convey?

I would say swing my racket faster and hit back Frank’s topspin forehand, because if I did that way I would have gotten more winners and I would have been able to go attack instead of defense.

What do I want to improve and practice before the next game?

  1. I want to get a better drop shot by using my weight too. 
  2. I want to get a heavy forehand my twisting more.
  3. I want to hit the ball at a high place more by going forward faster.
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