[2022.1.29] 2022 Team1 Tennis Open, S7-S10 Boys Singles


Date: 28 Jan to 30 Jan 2022
Venue: Eden Epsom Tennis and Squash Club
Website: 2022 Team1 Tennis Open, S7-S10 Boys Singles

About my opponents

What kind of characteristics did Matthew Samuel Lang feel as a player? What kind of tennis should I play to win?

Matthew Samuel Lang / Lost: 0-6, 1-6

I think he is 15 years old and he is going to be S6 in 20 points, and I think he deserves it. He doesn’t cheat and he is such a heavy topspin person. He has a big serve and for his second serve, it is slow but it has so much topspin and I am standing like 3 rackets behind the baseline, but still have to hit the ball over my head.

About my Tennis

How did I feel about my body during the match?

It was very good, but I was a little cold and I was under pressure because of his topspin, and my feet weren’t moving that much in the beginning but in the 2nd set I broke my pressure and I was able to move my feet really well and I started getting so many points.

What was my skill during the match?


I only did 1 double fault at his match point, and I was really surprised, and my serve was short and slow but he couldn’t attack me because my serve bounce weirdly.


I tried to hit the ball deep, but because of his topspin I wasn’t able to do that and he just kept attacking me, but the good thing is that I was swinging my racket without hesitation.


When I hit a good backhand my foot is bent and my weight is going forward, but today his ball was too high that I couldn’t brush or hit at the front, and I was getting pushed at the back, I used a lot of slices and my slice was absolutely perfect.


I got passed much time but in my last one, I knew where he is going to hit and I was able to touch the ball, I didn’t make it but everyone was cheering for me.

How did I feel about my mental health during the match?

I was always just thinking of getting a game, and in the 2nd set 0-5 I wanted to play longer and stay on this court longer, so I wanted to get a game so much, and I was able to get that game 40-0.

What was my confidence about during the match?

I wasn’t really worried but if I am totally honest his topspin was a little annoying and that is what gave me pressure, and his serve was pretty fast and the spin was very heavy so I was always lifting the ball up or slicing.

Looking back on the match, if I could coach (advice) myself in the match, what would I like to convey?

I would say try to say that his backhand slice goes short so make him hit slice on purpose then go forward with a low volley. And I would say to don’t rush and make it smooth with I am come forward to get the opponent’s drop shot.

What do I want to improve and practice before the next game?

  1. I want to be more defensive and when there is a chance ball I don’t want to rush and I would like to put it dentally.
  2. I want to hit more center when I am serving especially for the Adv side.
  3. I should have aimed to the corner more if I had a chance because when I had a chance I only lift the ball up or hit it back to the middle.
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