[2022.3.27] Match at Tarumi Green tennis club


I had 3 matches and I won 2 and lost 1 there was 1 practice match after I lost. I played one of the best tennis plays I could possibly play, and I swear I played like an S7 or more. I used a 300g head extreme racket and it was very good.

The 3 matches

The 1st round

The first match was against a tall a big girl and she had a flat serve, but I was able to return and just play the point normally I didn’t get any chance to try my racket so I was having a little bit of a hard time trying to understand the racket’s power. Her level was around S10 and she wasn’t that bad, but she is just sometimes not consistent. I did many double faults. I was scared to swing my racket so I was doing so many misses. I was able to win this match 6-2

The 2nd round

She was a short girl who looked very weak I was watching her playing Round 1 and she was very consistent and she is very good at aiming corners and hitting the chance ball to the side she is around s7. I lost to her 3-6 but I think I was playing very good, in the beginning, I was doing so many double faults and I was having a hard time trying to defend while she attacks but Then when the match starts to end I started to feel hesitate feeling I want to stay here longer, and I started playing very good, I swing my racket very fast and the ball had so much topspin, and in the end, I was playing the same level as her but lost because of the first few games. I did many double faults and if I didn’t do this many double faults I maybe would have defeated her.

Practice match at the end

I was in the zone and I was playing the best I could every play. I was swinging my racket very fast against a very tall boy and he had a big serve, but I didn’t even bother missing so I kept going forward and I got many return aces. We forgot the score many times and in the end, he was kind of pissed off, but I didn’t really care, I was moving well and my ball was very heavy.

In total

In conclusion, I was playing very well with the racket, and I would be around s8 if I keep playing like this every time but I need to get my serve in more if I want to win more matches. I played very well swinging my racket fast.

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