[2022.4.25] 3 days Kids Tennis Cup


Date: 23 April to 25 April 2022
Venue: Sayo Star Resort, Hyogo, Japan
Website: Kids-tennis.com

Participating players from Himeji

Good thing that I went on this trip

  1. There were pros who came here as a guest and all of the people were able to have a hit with the pro and I was to have a hit too. And the ball was very heavy.
  2. I met many good people and very smart people. I met this guy who won the all Japan cup 10 and under, and he is the one that won the kids tennis cup. I played doubles with him and he backed me up.
  3. I played against people that were way better than me, and to be honest, they were all over S9 and I played against S7 and S6 people and I got thrashed their shots very very fast and heavy.
  4. It was more fun because he slept in the same room and we got to know each other and we were like a family. The food was very good.

Things I learned by going on this trip

  1. It is very important to be able to swing my racket very fast and get the ball into the court. If I don’t swing my racket I will lose against the power.
  2. When I serve my elbow gets so down so I need to keep it up Novak and then I will be able to hit the ball over the net more.
  3. I need to hit my backhand as I hit in the practice I get scared when the ball comes to my backhand.
  4. I can serve much easier flat when I do my tose on the left.
  5. I used a very good combination of slice and topspin on the backhand.

Tactics I learned from this trip

  1. just keep using flat slice and high ball and when I do the flat next hit it to the open court and go to the net.
  2. When I see a floating ball go closer and use a drive volley to the open court.
  3. Hit backhand angle which I am very at then hit the next backhand down the line, and if the point doesn’t end then I will go to the net and finish the point.
  4. Hit backhand angle then does a drop shot or deep slice depending on the opponent’s movement, and if the point doesn’t end hit to the open court.
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