[2022.5.29] Match at Tarumi Green tennis club


I had 5 matches, I won 4 and lost 1.
It was a tough match, I started playing with strong players. In my first round, I played this girl which I had a couple of hits before, and I bet her 6-0. In my 2nd round I played a seeded player and won 6-4 it was a tough match, She is in the same school tennis club (not Noah TA), and she is very good at forehand. In my 3rd round, I played the 1st seed and I lost 1-6 he was a great player.
On my first practice game, I played this boy who was short but very fast, I bet him 6-3. In my second practice game, I played my friend who goes to Noah Tennis Academy 6-0.

The 5 matches

The 1st round

VS: Saki Sakakibara (I won 6-0)
I played a girl and she actually gets taught by the same coach I do so I know her.
It was the 1st match of the day so my body was very good and I had many fast shots, she hit her racket’s frame many times, and the ball went to the next court many times. I was thinking of swinging my racket.

The 2nd round

VS: Kokoro Hoshi (I won 6-4)
She is in the same school tennis club (not Noah TA) and she is very good she a spin heavy bazooka forehand. He also hit the ball low and in the beginning, I was getting overpowered so much.
Unlikely her serve was acting up really bad so she did a couple of double faults and in the 3rd game, she started doing spin lollipop serve. I tried giving pressure on her by showing her that I can easily hit her serve. She got so much pressure that her stroke started acting up badly and I was able to rally normally in the end.

The 3rd round

VS: Naoki Sato (I lost 1-6)
He looked very quiet but he was the 1st seeded player and he had a very powerful forehand and a spin serve, I was struggling so much with his serve in beginning, but then I started going hard, it started getting bad when he started using his full strength and his forehand became very powerful, I kept trying to hit the ball back hard, trying to push him back, I think I should have made him move more or use slice but at that moment all I was thinking was to hit it back hard. Next time I will use spin lob or something to try a different thing.

Practice game

I was very tired because I played 3 very hard match so my serve wasn’t that fast or powerful but I was trying to hit a heavy ball by trying to make my follow-through bigger, I tried controlling and making him move. My feet were about to fall off, I did 3rd serve for both 1st and 2nd, and I was very tired.

The 1st practice game

VS: Ryuta Ameya (I won 6-3)
He was rusty, but very fast at rallying he had a big 1st serve that doesn’t really go in but he missed a lot of chance ball and he is good at hitting the ball fast and flat, he got couple of winners, but he never gives up and he kept running and running so it was annoying I tried to over power him and he did many frame shots.

The 2nd practice game

VS: Sora Miura (I won 6-0)
He is a good defensive player who uses a lot of lob and I knew I can’t win normaly so I went to the net as much as I can. He doesn’t hit the ball hard so it was quite easy for me because I played with a fast player in the last round.

In Total

it was a good experience. The draw was unlikely because I played strong people but I was able to find my new goal. Next time I would change something when I am losing because when I am losing the thing I am doing is not working.

I will try to use more slice or high ball I am good at hitting fast but I can’t win with this against a strong player. I will go to the net if the opponent is a slow passer.

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