[2022.5.5] Played 5 matches against big boys


Last day of Golden Week. I played 5 matches and I won 3 all of them were a comeback from, 2-4 or 0-4 and I had this match where the opponent had 8 match points but I kept playing and I won 7-6(7-1). The one that I lost was against very good players, I lost one match from 4-1, and he got 5 games in a row. And the 2nd one I lost was, 0-5 and I was losing so badly when I got 4 games in a row and it became 4-5 but the opponent used full strength and I lost 4-6.
It was like a drama.

Good things

  • I had the spirit to never, I played a cheeky player who is very talented and who can counter and control VERY good, I was losing 0-4 where they had 8 match points, but I kept fighting because I didn’t want to lose against him, he was only using 40% and I kept moving and swinging my racket.
  • I didn’t do much doubles fault and last time I did many double faults, and this time I didn’t give them free points I focused on hitting my shot deep not fast, because they can’t hit hard and I won’t miss.

Things to do to win next time

  • I need to go in the zone quicker because I enter the zone when I am losing like 0-4 and that is so risky, so I need to use more energy in the start so that I will be able to enter the zone.
  • I could have tried to use more different things also I will see their good things and bad things, for example, the match I played was that I was losing 1-4 then I found out that the opponent wasn’t good at returning the slice so I kept doing slice.
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