[2022.7.2] Kobe junior high school sports competition


I lost in the first match 1-4, he was year nine ( last year of intermediate) And I heard many rumors about him from my friend and coaches.
He hits heavy topspin it bounces high but it is not slow at all so it was very hard for me to hit it back, He kept doing the same thing he hit my backhand twice and then hits it to my forehand once. It had very fast service and I had many frame shots.

The 1st round

VS: Kento Kasahara/Suma-kita jounior HS
I lost 1-4

What I am going to do next time I play him.

  • I wanted to be able to attack with my forehand, I had a very powerful forehand, and I got many winners but I gave him many free points with my weak backhand.
  • In the first few point I was pushing him with my forehand but then I made 2 easy misses in a row with my backhand and from there he started aiming my backhand and I had many frame shots.
  • I want to be taller than 5cm because I was very short than his spin ball, and his spin serve was very uncomfortable.
  • He used slice shots that were powerful to push me and I exactly did the thing he wanted me to do I missed the shot or I gave him a looping ball which he loved I want to be able to hit it back with a more powerful slice.
  • I want to have a more powerful serve (Flat).
  • He hit a very powerful return and I couldn’t attack.
  • I want to have a better tose because today my tose was shaking around.
  • I could have played him in net play not only from the baseline.
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