[2022.8.3] Summer Junior tournament 2022 in Hyogo / U-13


I played 3 matches and more than 190 people enter this tournament and there is no consolation. I won 2 matches easily and I lost against the 1st seed 1-6 and I think I did a very good job playing this match.
I did a lot of double faults, and I need to fix that but I think I did a very job trying to get my serve in. The main part is the 3rd round and he was 1st seed, It was a very powerful match. I used pure strike for the whole time, and I was hitting my forehand from my shoulder so my shoulder didn’t hurt at all so I kept hitting.

1st match

I played against a boy and I won 6-2 who looked little and he was very small he reminded me of playing Sakeeb, and lost badly. He ran fast to get them and he had a very big voice and it looked like he just started playing tennis but his slice was very good, and I had a little trouble playing against it.
His serve is slice but he has not used it so he hit it out a lot. He got 2 games because of my serve, it was weak and I played attack, and he kept slicing.

2nd match

I played this boy, and I won 6-0 he is a little taller than me and he is a flat hitter he has an eastern grip for both serve and backhand. And when he came into the court I played defense and I just kept tapping the ball and trying to push him back, but when I came into the court I hit hard and I kept hitting his backhand because his backhand was not that good, for this game I didn’t do double fault but I did 2 double faults in a game. I used slice in the end and he didn’t stand a chance.

3rd match

I played the 1st seed and I will write down the good thing and the thing I could’ve done better.

The good thing

  • I hit back to his heavy shot even with my backhand and I didn’t use a lob to run away.
  • I went to volley when I could, there was not much chance but I did when I can.
  • I attack his spin serve, he did double 2nd serve and I attacked.
  • I tried playing my game and I was thinking of doing split steps and trying to move even when I was so tired.
  • I started hitting my shots from my shoulder so I was able to hit fast without getting tried.

The thing I could have done better

  • I messed up my call I said out ball in and I gave him some free points.
  • I didn’t have to hit 1st I could have just hit 2nd serve and gotten the ball in.
  • I need to practice more on my low backhand, I tend to hit slice and give an opponent an easy ball.
  • I am weak on my low ball so I need to go in and hit it with topspin.
  • He was faster than me to go into the backhand strike zone.
  • He had a better Yes/No than me I tend to hit everything with a yes I need to have more No.
  • I need to use the high and deep ball if I can’t get my position, he was like that and it was hard for me to go in court.
  • I could’ve hit to his forehand more I kept hitting to his backhand, but I could of hitting a flat ball to his forehand.
  • When there is a ball around my hip height I maybe could of used drop shot to make him come forward.
  • I gave him a free point for my double fault.
  • I needed to hit the ball into the court more I missed easily.
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