[2022.2.25] Training at Cherry Tennis Club, and having dinner at a restaurant


Today is my last day at Nagoya, and I did my last session at Cherry tennis academy. I had my last dinner with my coach and his coach and it was an amazing night.
I tried doing one-handed backhand and it was really good.

Private coaching at Shidami Sports Land Tennis Center on 24th of February

What I learned in this whole day

  • Good players don’t care about rackets and they can play 100% with all rackets. I am going to play with the same racket till it breaks the middle part and it snapped the middle part. And before that people will start telling you to change your racket and that is when you think your racket is about to break.
  • Tennis isn’t a game where you put the ball into the court, and people think and mistake that part and think wrong, tennis is a game where are you try and hit your hardest and the fastest and then trying getting the ball into the court.
Private coaching at Higashiyama Koen Tennis Center on 25th of February
  • If you step back when you are getting pushed, and getting attacked you already gave up the point. When you step back that means you are letting your opponent come into the court, and attack even more. When you are getting attacked you want to hit it deep and when you are getting shaken around instead of lifting the ball up try just hitting the ball hard.
  • The two-handed backhand is harder to return high balls than one-handed because you have to rotate and you can’t hit the ball as hard as you can as one-handed backhand. One-handed backhand is only one hand so you can whip the ball more, and return more.
  • Having fun and clowning around is a different thing.
  • I need to practice more to do drive volley from baseline. Then I can start to do combos like serve to center and when they block return I come into the court and do drive volley to open court.
Skipping Rope training at Cherry Tennis Club
  • At the CherryTennis Club, I got attacked so much by the juniors and at the end, I started doing better because I was swinging my racket 2 twice as I was swinging my racket. I learned that it isn’t the same as the time I was in New Zealand, right now people keep coming forward so I can’t win a point unless I attack back, I can’t wait for them to miss because they don’t…
Netplay training at Cherry Tennis Club
  • I have to hit more balls to the wall and I did hit the concrete wall for 30 min till the ball gets flat. And my shoulder burns.
  • My forehand volley was really good I was slicing the ball and hitting it deeply, my backhand volley needs practice but it is ok.
  • I have to do stuff that I think is right.
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