[2022.4.30] Things I learned in this whole day


Today was a big day and I played 7 hours in total 9 to 1 in the morning and 3 to 6 in the afternoon it was very tough, but I had so much fun and I improved so much.

Tips that I can try next time I go on the court

  • When I play doubles, and when I am the volley if I am attacking I need to attach to the closed person which will mostly be the opponent’s volleyer and if I am going to the defense I need to hit it to the most faraway person because I need to create time.
  • For my backhand try going in even when you are getting pushed back because if I don’t I will just hit the ball slow like I am doing right now and I will end up missing.
  • When I serve I need to make space between my head and my arm when I am hitting the ball if it is close it means that I am using my inside shoulder muscle and I will injure myself. if I make space it will be like a normal shot when I am using my outside shoulder muscle.
  • When I slice don’t slice the high ball and try to attack as much ball as I can with topspin.
  • It was the right direction to hit to the backhand as use lob in doubles.
  • If I want to be very good at singles then I have to play like singles in doubles you don’t have to play doubles in doubles.
  • I shouldn’t keep aiming at the opponent’s volleyer when I am receiving because there is no point in doing it if I am going to hit down the line.
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