[2022.2.11] 1st-day playing tennis in Japan, getting coached by Robbie

Hitting practice

Today we hit Astro and there was so much sand on the court, and it was hard. I haven’t hit the ball at the court for more than 7 days, so I was doing so much frame shot at first. Then I met this wonderful person and he coached me for 45 min. He gave me challenges and he gave me many tips to improve my game.

Things Robbie said to me

  • The top 100 players’ skill is mostly the same except, their mind is different so the top 10 players can play their highest level of tennis all time.
  • Point at the ball when you are doing a smash.
  • Instead of going side of the ball tries to go forward, that way you get more consistent.
  • A good shot in tennis is not a fast winner that can break any defense. A good shot in tennis is something that is powerful that you can repeat many times without struggling.
  • I need to brush more.

Good things

  1. I was using my body even after a long break, and instead, I am hitting the ball at the front more.
  2. My slice was powerful and it was going very low and sometimes it went high but most of the time it was good.
  3. I was hitting 3 balls through, so I was hitting the winner so much.
  4. In the end, I was brushing the ball and it was good.
  5. My backhand down the line was good, I was hitting the ball a bit late and because of that, I hit a good backhand.

Things I have to change

  1. I want to bring my back leg to the front for both strokes.
  2. I want to put more consistency on my 1st serve because my 2nd serve is good but my 1st serve barely goes in.
  3. I want to hit a higher place of the net for both strokes.
  4. I get angry when I do a mistake, and even pros do mistakes so I need to focus on the next point.
  5. I want to hit my forehand a bit deep, I tried to do my take back a down a little.
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