[2021.12.20] Morning hitting with dad

Hitting practice

I did this morning’s training with dad.
We mostly did backhand it did get better, but still, not enough, we also did some serves.

What I thought.

  • My backhand was good to be honest I think I was hitting better shots going down the line instead of cross court.
  • I was doing slice practise I actually need more practise, it floats or is goes down.
  • My mistake is all the same my foot 
  • My volley was good, I did reaction volley volley and i think we need to do these stuff, a lot.
  • I did serve it was really nice, I did slice serve, I thought that if you do your tose on the right it goes slice, but it actually does not.
  • I can use more flat balls, so the slice serve will be more useful.
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