[2022.7.30] tennis practice with 12 people

Hitting practice

I played for 7 hours and it was very tough but once again I ate lunch and the sun was out and I am so good. So I was playing so well. I played 3 doubles and I lost all of them. I played the strongest doubles pair 2 in a row and it was very tough. And after that, many people went home and I and a few people got taught form the strongest guy that was there. He has a very very fast service that goes in most of the time. He isn’t that high and he is a little muscular.

What I figured out today

  1. For my services I need to act like I am throwing my racket and I shouldn’t hold my racket too hard or else I won’t be able to hit my serve with my racket head.
  2. I really think I need to hit the ball with more topspin I am really good in the rally but when it becomes doubles there is one person in the front and I get scared and I tend to use slice and run away, and that is one of the reasons why I always go on defense mode.
  3. I want to hit the 2 o’clock place on the ball when I hit a slice serve because that is where I get the best slice serve.
  4. I am going to use less lob and actually hit the ball in return.
  5. I had a very good moving way when my partner is hitting and when the opponent is hitting so I got many points by giving them pressure.

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