[2021.12.26] A warm-up with dad (The day before the tournament)

Hitting practice

We did strokes volley and serves like usual.

What I thought

  1. Today it was very very windy so I and my dad weren’t able to continue our rally, our rally was short.
  2. My dad told me to: do my slice in two movements.
    #1 is takeback and I have to relax and do it slowly (It depends on the speed).
    #2 is slicing the ball and it has to be fast, but I have to hit forward, so I can scoop up the ball.
  3. When I think about showing my shoulder to my opponent for backhand all of the balls go down the line, and if I try to hit crosscourt the ball ends up going to the middle.
  4. I this serve and my shoulder wasn’t 100% and I was not able to accelerate my serve that well. I kind of does want to get the power from the ground more.
  5. I don’t know if it was because I was tired but my feet were not moving, but I don’t want to do this in a match so I am going to have asleep and I am going to be ready for my match tomorrow.
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