[2021.12.22] Hitting with Damian

Hitting practice

We played a 6 games match, and a 10 point tiebreaker I lost 3-6, and 8-10.

There was no wind and no interruption. So no excuses that I lost. My feet weren’t moving it was it told me ever I go back to the center. (To be honest, the surface is very hard because it is Astro and there is tons of sand on it. It is so slippery ) I was able to hit my backhand without any hesitation. 

Good things

  1. I was able to heavy forehand with tons of topspin, I brushed a lot.
  2. I was able to corner Damian and make him on defense mode.
  3. I used a lot of forehand crosscourt because I can get power and the net is low.
  4. I took a good advantage from my serve, I did my tose a little high than usual, I could have done it a little low, but it still worked.
  5. I hit my backhand with full swing, I told myself in the beginning that I am going to do full swing for my backhand even if I lose. And I am glad I did. ( I got so many points. )

Things I have to change

  1. I got distracted by my dad’s camera when he was taking pictures.
  2. I did a couple of double faults that were not needed.
  3. I think I was tried, but my feet weren’t moving.
  4. I did a double fault on Damian’s match point for both 6 games and 10 point tiebreaker.
  5. I stay at the baseline so I could have tried doing something different for example dropshot/S&V.
  6. I have to take time before I serve ( especially when I serve my 2nd serve. )
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