[2022.7.15] Hitting practice with dad

Hitting practice

How was today?

I did 2 hours of hitting and training with dad so my body was feeling very well.
I had a very good rigging shot and I had a fast shot, I was able to use different types of balls to make him move. My backhand was unstoppable, I hit a very fast backhand down the line and cross court the opponent said ‘I cannot get that so many times. My serve was ok in practice but when it came to the match I did a few double faults.

How was my service?

I had a very powerful 1st serve and I had a very slice serve, and a spin serve that bounced very high. And when it came to the match I couldn’t use my body and I did many over, and my 1st serve hardly went in.

To improve from now on what are you going to think when you are playing tennis?

  • I am gonna try to go into the court more in to do down the line.
  • I will have to create an open space all I am doing right now I am just pushing him back and I am not doing anything that much.
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