[2022.7.17] Match at MIKI Royal tennis club


I played 4 matches. 2 matches from Qualifying and 2 matches from the main match.
The Qualifying is a round robin and there are 4 people, but in my area, one person got canceled and I only played 2 matches in the Qualifying even though other’s played 3.
I went to the main match coming 2nd place in my Qualifying group, but somehow I was able to go up to the semis. So this was my story. I played the strongest guy from the beginning and I lost 0-6 straight. And in the 2nd match, I played another guy and I won against him 6-1 and then I was able to go to the main match.
I played the 1st guy’s best friend and I bet him 6-5 in a thriller. I went to the semi-final and I played a girl that bet my friend in the semi-final. She had a good forehand but not that good backhand It was a big thriller and I lost against her in a thriller 5-6 I was crying so much because it was a close match. And I will write what I felt during each point.  

The 4 matches

The 1st match (round robin)

VS: Haruto MORITA (I lost 0-6)
I played against a boy who had a big serve and he is a one-handed backhand.
He was a quiet guy who doesn’t really express his feeling I did a 50 min warm-up with my dad and I was using a ball with not much air so when I used this brand new ball I could not even get a hint of this feeling.
If my opponent was a slow hitter I maybe would’ve been able to get the feeling my opponent was an eastern flat guy and I was doing shank shots and misses so much. My serve was going over so much because I was not swinging through the ball.
I concentrated to hit the ball I wanted to hit which was to hit back with a speedball and I forgot that I needed to hit the ball I have to hit. If I played a moon baller maybe I would’ve given him more pressure.

The 2nd match (round robin)

VS: Akito ONO (I won 6-1)
I played this boy who just started and I was playing the kind of a slice guy because I found out that the court doesn’t bounce. I got the 5 games lead easily and my bad habit came in I relaxed and it was my service game and I did so many double faults and in he did a short ball which I didn’t have any chance to get it. And it became 5-1, in the next game I got my concentration back and I used my full strength and I defeated him. In the final game, I used a little more topspin and I went a little more aggressive.

The Quater-Final

VS: Sou MURAYAMA (I won 6-5)
I played the 1st match guy’s bestie and he was very good, he was kind of like me he wasn’t that tall or short and his footwork isn’t that bad. Since this is the main match I knew I couldn’t just lose here. It was a tough game. I gave him most of my service game 0-40 and I was getting very very tired that I started to forget my tennis shots, especially my serve my toes were really weird and my serve form was very messed up. My serve literary didn’t go in and I used so many underarm serves. I found out that he only hits his forehand cross-court, and I was getting a couple of points. But the thing I wasted a lot is that I do a hard job, and a very long rally just to get one point but I do many double faults and I give him an easy free point. So I really do think that service is important.

The Semi-Final

VS: Youna OZASA (I lost 5-6)
I watched her game and I knew her forehand is very dangerous and her backhand is not that good, so before the match, I already got the plan in my head it was to aim her backhand she misses her backhand 4 times in 5 tries. And when I went on the court, I figured out that her serve is pretty fast and that her forehand slices so much. But my feet were moving in the 1st 2nd game and I got it easily 2-0 and I thought that I can win this. But at that moment the time was 12:00 pm and the sun can out in my face and my energy was swallowed by the sun. Once again like in the 3rd match, my serve was messed up. And I did underarm but unlike the 3rd guy her shots are flat and it slices so it is very hard to return it back I used slice to return but she goes around with her forehand and gets so many winners and the score was 2-3 at that moment I knew I had to think of something, and I told her I will go to the toilet to change. I put water on my face and I looked in the mirror and I told myself that I can do this. I went back there and got 2 games in a row and the score was 4-3 if I stayed there I would’ve won, but I couldn’t she got one game and I got one game and the score was 5-4 it was my service game and my head felt very heavy. She got one game and in the final game I went so defensive that she came into the court and finished me off I lost 5-6.

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