[2022.1.25] Northern Summer Junior Championships 2022 – 12 & Under Boys Doubles


Date: 23 Jan to 26 Jan 2022
Venue: Albany Tennis Park, Auckland, New Zealand
Website: Northern Summer Junior Championships 2022 – 12 & Under Boys Doubles

About my Tennis

How did I communicate with my partner to win?

We tried to get the ball in no matter what, because it is important to be consistent. Especially serve we didn’t care if it is a Lollie pop serve we just wanted to get the service in no matter what, and in conclusion, we didn’t do much-unforced error as last time.

How was my skill today?


I did a Lollie pop serve because the wind was powerful and I didn’t want to do double fault but in the beginning, I did a good service and it came to 40-0 then I did 3 double faults and it came 40-40 and it was sudden death so it was pressure and I did a double fault and it was game to them.  I wasted the 3 points I got in the beginning.


I tried to lob the person that is in the front, but many times I hit the ball short and they smashed it. But the other time I tried using a lot of slices because of the court and it grows very fast.


There was a backhand, but I did, slice only because the backhand is hard to control and the slice is more powerful.


I had a couple of chances and I finished it some. But it took me a while to get the hang of hitting a fast volley because the wind was strong and I was hitting the ball so late.


I had 3 chances and I got all of them in. Maybe next time I am able to control the smash and hit it to their backhand fast.

About the Doubles game

What do I think is important (mental, skill) to win in doubles?

It is very important to have teamwork because you don’t know what your partner is good at and bad at, and when you know those things you can finally think about position and skills with your partner.

What do I keep in mind when I play doubles next time?

I would try to go to the net and end the point quickly because Andrew does a lot of unforced errors so I didn’t want to make the point long. And I tried to go and do volley.

What was the difference between singles and doubles?

In doubles, Volley is important because you need to finish the point if you can because they aren’t going to be many chances for you to get another chance to attack if your opponent is in attack, also you have to do your part very clean because in doubles there is 2 player in a team so each turn is very important.

What do I think can be used for singles when playing doubles games?

your volley and your communication will be better, and your footwork is going to be sharp and you have to move while you think so doubles are a more complicated sport.

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