[2022.1.27] Practise with Dad

Hitting practice

We did forehand and backhand feeding, then High ball feeding and lots of Smashes.

(1) I watched the slow-motion of myself, and it was so much better than last time because I was hitting the ball at the front and my body was leaning forward.

(2) I got my timing better because I was thinking of swinging my racket when the ball bounces, and I was so prepared.

(3) My slice was better because I didn’t rotate my wrist, like yesterday and instead I was bringing the ball and scooping it.

(4) I still can’t move my feet that fast when I get tired, I should hit more balls and get my energy stronger and longer.

(5) When I am doing I slide forward while I hit and it was very helpful.

(6) When I was serving from the deuce side I was thinking of serving to adv serve side box. Then I hit the sky when I realized I hit a perfect serve.

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