[2022.7.3] Practice with few adults

Today there was lots of wind and my stroke was 90% hand but my serve was very good.
I played a few doubles, and I lost all of them, I don’t care about losing or winning but I care about why I lost.

Why I lost, how to improve

  • I am only thinking about moving in or out I need to think about reacting to the ball, I got late and I did many nets with my volley, I have to step into the ball not just tap.
  • I did like 8 double faults in total today, I have a big 1st serve, but not a good 2nd serve, for 2nd serve I have to jump up high and scrub the ball up.
  • When I hit my backhand I hit the ball so close to myself, and I end up going backward, and I want to stop that from happening because I do so many nets. So there are two things I have to do, go forward, and hit the ball a little further from myself.
  • When I play against double players in single don’t use drop shot, and don’t play against them in net play because it will most likely lose, try to play them from the baseline.
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