[2022.2.5] Hitting at the net

Hitting practice

Today was the 2nd day at JP and we weren’t able to go outside or to the tennis court.
So we brought a baseball hitting things and there is a net and we can hit the ball hard as we can. We did drive volley mostly because we didn’t have much space and the net isn’t that big so I didn’t want to hit it out. It took us a while to make the target because it is big and it is complicated.

This is for hitting the ball hard and since I can’t go to the tennis court I want to not stop my body from getting weak and forgetting tennis movement.

Good things

  • My weight was forward and I was twisting my body and I was swinging my racket fast.
  • I am swinging my racket faster than last time, I played.
  • I am brushing the ball and I can hit the ball egg shape.

Things I have to change

  • I hit the top part of the ball and I put too much topspin and the ball goes down and I can’t hit the ball deep, for my forehand.
  • I want to drop my shoulder when I am hitting a high ball.
  • I want to hit through the ball and hit a heavy ball.
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