[2022.5.1] Played doubles for 3 hours

Hitting practice

What was all about

  • We played doubles and it was very entertaining it was this thing where we pair up with mostly everybody and at the end, we see which person got the most game and we see the winner.
  • I played all forehand sides because I like forehand, and I got more forehand crosscourt than yesterday and I got many winners, especially lobs and drop shots. I didn’t use more direct attacks than usual because I wanted to do more rallies.
  • I didn’t really hit many backhands since I was on the forehand side, but when I did it was not bad but not good either because it was short because I am only swinging up.
  • The racket was a little hard, and I had a little bit of trouble hitting it fast in the first place but I got used to the tension of the racket.

What was not very good and needs to be thought

  • When I try to hit down the line the ball goes up and that means that I am hitting the ball late so I need to go forward at the start of my racket with my shoulder.
  • When I serve I need to use my baseball shoulder, and I open up too much so jump more up and get the nice clean shot on my feel.
  • With fewer drop shots and lobs then I will be able to hit a better shot from my shoulder.
  • I could have maybe used a little bit more drop shot but it was a doubles game and it was very hard.
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