[2022.6.13] Doubles practice with Niro

Hitting practice

Today is Monday, we usually have Noah but it was canceled, so Niro and his dad and me and my dad went to the tennis court to practice doubles.
It was my first day using Pure Aero and it was tough, I hit the ball out so much out, and I got so depressed that he started making me happy and cheering me up.

I learned that I have to focus more on what I am here for.
And I have to rely on my partner more, I don’t have to take the stress by myself.
I learned in doubles personality is more important than skill fitness. Because you pay less and move less.
When I am at the volley and the ball comes up 80% of the time, I should leave it to the partner and let him take care of it.
I have to smile more, and have fun, if I can’t have fun I can’t play.
I did double fault, I use my wrist and I use this small work, so there isn’t much power so I am trying to use my lower body to do my serve.
I have to use small footwork to adjust my movement especially when I am in the volley position.
I don’t have to hit so much down the line I hit cross-court most of the time and that is why my down-the-line starts to live.
When I do low volley I tend to do a lob, but instead, I am going to hit the baseliner because he is far away.
I shouldn’t hit a slice on the return because the ball is slow so the opponents’ volleyer can easily hit it.

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