[2022.1.9] Had a rally and serve with Chris Bint.

Hitting practice

We had a hit for about 1 hour and some serve Chris had an eastern grip but had so much topspin on the ball

I tried to hit back with speed and I tried to hit a heavy ball, so I did my takeback huge like Naomi Osaka. Tsuyoshi said it is ok, but I need to do my take back quicker if I am gonna do my take back this big. I was hitting Chris’s forehand (Chris is a lefty) when I am not aiming there, which means my forehand is very late.

Good things

  1. I hit the ball very fast, and I was able to put my weight at the front.
  2. I hit the ball deep and Chris wasn’t able to hit it back with so much power.
  3. I swing my backhand very fast and the ball wasn’t that bad.
  4. I didn’t use slice, and I couldn’t of Chris’s topspin…
  5. My feet were moving and I was moving in the right place.
  6. I was doing what I was supposed to do not what I wanted to do.

Things I have to change

  1. I want to use my lower body because my whole arm is doing all the work and I can’t create a lot of power without using the whole body.
  2. I might want to get less power and more consistency/accuracy.
  3. I should have more topspin like Chris then that way I can push my opponent more.
  4. I need to hit the ball front more, and to do that is to do my take back early
  5. I can step more back, that way I can hit the ball a little bit more comfortably.
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