[2022.2.6] Hitting at the net doing backhand

Hitting practice

Today we used the net/hitting machine-like yesterday, but today we did backhand because I use my arm, and the ball I was hitting always went so down. I fixed it, but the reason was that was not going forward and my back leg is staying there, I did medicine ball and the ball was heavy and I was able to go forward and I was throwing the ball very fast.

After that, I was hitting the ball pretty heavily and it was good. I want to keep my foot going forward. 

Good things

  • I was able to change my follow-through to different types of balls.
  • When there is a low ball I brushed up.
  • When there is a high ball I hit flat like normally.
  • I did left hand only backhand and it turned out very well.

Things I have to change

  1. I need to move my back foot.
  2. I want to keep moving my foot and adjust the strike zone.
  3. I will have to hit the ball at the front then I can move my weight forward hit a heavy and good shot.
  4. I need to go forward fast when there is a forward ball.
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