[2022.2.10] Info about my HIGH Forehand

Hitting practice

Why is high forehand important in tennis

  • A high forehand is used in many professional tennis games. On the TV it may seem like the pro is hitting all the shots at a low place, but I think that they are hitting 65% of the ball in 1 match above their shoulder.
  • Pro’s hit at a high place because pro’s topspin is so much that it bounces so high that it goes above the opponent’s shoulder.
  • The high forehand is very useful because you are able to hit a hard shot and you can control the ball very easily so people use this weapon to go forward when they see a high floating ball.

How do you hit a good high forehand?

  • You want to go to the ball facing the side because if you face the forward you can’t adjust little movement, and you can’t generate power much as facing the side.
  • You don’t want to wait till the ball goes down because your energy stops and it going to be hard to adjust movement and change direction if you stop.
  • You want to be going forward because you can hit a stronger ball and you can keep going to the netplay after you hit.

Things you have to watch out for when you are hitting high forward

  • You kinda want your takeback to be small so that you can adjust to small movement because when the ball is high there would be more different moves that you won’t expect.
  • You want to hit the ball at the front than usual because high forehand miss people do is that they hit the ball late thinking that it is fine, but the truth is when you miss-hit normal height you can adjust because you are used to that, but in a high ball, your weight will easily go back and you will easily miss.
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