[2022.1.12] Training with dad

Hitting practice

Today I got shaken around so much, that it felt like my leg are going to go off. I hit the ball more than last time. I tried to brush the ball down to up. I was feeling like I was gonna hit to the fence. I had a western grip, last time I checked I had a semi-western grip, but I think it is ok because I changed to eastern last time because I hurt my elbow and I couldn’t smash the chance ball. But right now my arm is totally fine, and I am a beast at smashing the chance balls right now.

Good things

  1. My footwork has gotten faster and I can hit the ball deep.
  2. My slice had gotten more powerful and it doesn’t bounce much, I have an eastern grip for a slice, and I just cut the ball down.
  3. I thought of going into the ball’s path way of where I want to hit and just bring the ball there.
  4. I did a drop shot that was good, and it was good because I had weight going forward last time I was just using my arm.

Things I have to change

  1. I want to get my left foot forward for my backhand after I hit.
  2. I need to hit more topspin when it comes to matching, I get scared that I do only slice.
  3. I do very consistent serve in practice but in matches, I do so many double faults.
  4. I want to shake my opponent in a match, I am consistent but I don’t have good accuracy like WD-player.
  5. I want to go faster when there is an approach shot.
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