[2021.12.23] 6 games match with Alec Hampson

Hitting practice

I lost 2-6, the story was good. After that Noah Eagle came, and we had fun.

To start off, I was winning, and having the pace for the beginning of the match. I wasn’t shouting and I was calm. I tried using a short ball then getting a winner by passing him. I lost the pace because I let my guard down when I was winning. Next time I want to do the same play for the whole match. 

Good things

I used short ball and slice balls to make him off balance.
I swing hard for my backhand and hit it deep without hesitation.
I was relaxed even when I did double fault.
I made him it forehand then backhand again, and again. And he missed in the end cause he was late for his grip change.

Things I have to change

I might want to stand back a little back when I am returning because I was hitting the ball short.
I maybe could’ve used more drop shots and volley, I kind of get scared.
If I could have known his hitting pattern I might’ve gotten more games.
I have to react faster to the ball.
I have to have a string split step when I am at the volley.

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