[2022.1.16] Practise Match with Alec Hampson

Hitting practice

I lost 1-6 1-6 and today I got a new string and I put the tension up 5 so it felt a little tight and it was the first time using it so it was hard for me to control, but then I started getting used to the tension and it was very good I put the spin and alec had a hard time returning it. I didn’t do much double fault, and the wind was powerful… I didn’t use much slice and volley, because I was focused on getting used to the racket/ Preparation for the real match. 

Good things

  1. I put topspin on the ball to Alec’s backhand
  2. I had powerful serve and I tried to bring down my left arm, but it didn’t go that easy.
  3. I tried to do my takeback at my side only but I didn’t get that power, so I kind of got overpowered by Alec.
  4. He hits cross-court for approach and he hits to my backhand in the general rally.

Things I have to change

  1. I need to hit the ball more deeply and fast.
  2. I want more consistency on high loop balls.
  3. So my tose a little right for 1st serve and left for 2nd serve.
  4. I want to do my take-back earlier.
  5. I have to take time before I serve (especially when I serve my 2nd serve. )
  6. I need to breathe louder and stronger when I serve.
  7. I need to push the ball IF I am going to do a slice.
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