Windmill Park


[2022.1.30] 2022 Team1 Tennis Open, S7-S10 Boys Singles – Consolation

Date: 28 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Venue: Eden Epsom Tennis and Squash ClubWebsite: 2022 Team1 Tennis Open, S7-S10 Boys Singles...
Hitting practice

[2022.1.16] Practise Match with Alec Hampson

I lost 1-6 1-6 and today I got a new string and I put the tension up 5 so it felt a little tight and it was the first t...
Private coaching

[2021.12.18] Private coaching from Tsuyoshisan

I did 2 hours of coaching with Tsuyoshi san. Today it was very windy, and it was very difficult to do short tennis c...
Hitting practice

[2021.12.16] Hitting with Noah Eagle at Windmill/Nicholson park

We did a 2 set match with proper rule and I won 6-0 6-1 Today it was funny weather. There were times that was rainin...
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