[2021.12.18] Private coaching from Tsuyoshisan

Private coaching

I did 2 hours of coaching with Tsuyoshi san.

Today it was very windy, and it was very difficult to do short tennis cause of the wind.

My backhand was very good when it was feeding, I leaned forward, and I was able to push the ball. All I needed to was to move my foot to get to my strike zone for groundstrokes. In the end, I and Tsuyoshi did a 3 games match, I won 3-1

Tsuyoshi san told me that:

  1. I am good when there is a slow ball for the backhand because I have time to prepare, but when it comes to fastball I don’t have time, and I pull back. 
  2. There are people who smack their 1st serve not even trying to get it in and lolipop their 2nd serve is so slow. Those people are not confident in their 2nd serve so they tend to rush their 1st serve. If you are confident on your 2nd serve ( like me ) you will be able to hit your 1st serve confidently and relax, because you think it is ok to miss because you have a good 2nd serve. 
  3. He said that you should not change your forehand grip on how you play that day, for example, when you are hitting over the baseline so much with eastern, you change it to western. You should not do these things because your not really changing anything yourself your just making the grip do the work and when you repeat these things your tennis will just be your grip tennis. So what you should do is try and put topspin with an eastern grip when your hit over the baseline.
  4. I need to use more slice serve on the deuce side, because when you hit a flat center you not really doing anything much you’re just making them off balance a little bit, but when you use a slice serve you are moving your opponent to create an open space. 
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