[2022.2.17] Private coaching at the outdoor court

Private coaching

It was an outdoor court and there was so much wind. It was cold and I wasn’t able to do service because I injured my elbow because my tose keeps moving and I was hitting the ball in an uncomfortable position.

What I learned

  1. When I hit the ball low and short that means most of the time my body goes up first, so I need to keep my body low especially when I get tired
  2. I need to keep my chin and body facing the side until I hit the ball because it is important to keep your chin to the side but that is to keep your body to the side.
  3. I shouldn’t think to finish a point no matter what is the situation, for example even if there is a big open court doesn’t mean I should finish the point with that shot.
  4. I have a good approach/starting shot but I don’t have a good finishing shot.
  5. I didn’t have a good smash because maybe of the wind but because my movement wasn’t that fast.
  6. I need to learn how to go forward when I see a ball that is short.
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