[2022.2.23] Private coaching tennis hitting and training at Cherry Tennis club


Today is my first day in Nagoya and I met my coach once again I was really happy because today is filled with tennis activities. First I did Private coaching with my coach’s coach for 2 hours, and he was very talented and he knew many things and I never knew, then I did hit my coach and his friend for 2 hours. After that, I went to the Cherry Tennis Club and had fun and played against many strong players for 2.5 hours.

What I learned in this whole day

  1. I don’t need to think about the result, and if I am playing a match make a rule and do that for example do all topspin returns for one returning game.
  2. I have to rotate my hip more and go to left/forward, I have this habit when I go backward when I am hitting or rallying so I have to always go forward first especially when there is a chance ball, then I adjust.
  3. Think about hitting the top part of the ball, when think about hitting the high part of the net then you can hit Nadal’s ball constantly. (I was able to hit Nadal’s ball constantly deep today) I don’t always have to use Nadal ball or attack I can mix.
  4. When I am winning in a rally and I want to go and make a move I don’t need to rush because the opponent can’t attack back when I am attacking and if he did it would be a risk, and at that moment the opponent is thinking 2 things. To wait till the opponent misses, or To wait till there is a low ball where I can hit it to an open court.
  5. When I am getting shaken side to side I shouldn’t think about the detail of hitting the ball, I should think about the area of the ball’s place then hit without thinking too much then quickly get back.
  6. There are 2 types of slice and one is attacking and one is defense and it is for me to choose which one and I think I like the attack one because I like to go to the net and I want to always attack and get into the court if there is an opportunity.
  7. I should never lower my racket speed because the ball goes out, and that is about my technique and the racket/tension If I am able to swing comfortably and if I am hitting a good Nadal’s ball but the ball goes out, I should change my string or tension.
  8. For backhand, I need to go forward more because I am waiting and I end up losing all the power I tanked up the eventually I will be able to hit the ball at the front.
  9. I need to go left of the ball more instead of going forward then I can rotate my shoulder more and hit the ball’s 3 o’clock more.
  10. When I am serving I had this problem where I tend to bring my left arm forward with my right and I have to bring it down my left hand, and I was always thinking about bringing down my left arm but the truth is that I need to bring my right side body up more then eventually I will bring my left arm down without thinking anything.
  11. When there is a floating ball that I can hit I need to go forward/left the moment I see that ball. Then I won’t scrub and net the ball, and instead, I can hit the ball at my strike zone and hit a brilliant ball.
Private coaching at Haruoka Tennis Center
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