[2022.2.22] Test out tennis racket, at Windsor Racket Shop


Today I went to Windsor Racket Shop in Osaka before going to Nagoya and I tested out some rackets because I want to buy new ones, cause I left mine in New Zealand.

I was able to test 3 tennis rackets and I chose DUNLOP SX300LS and PRINCE DB 100, and DIADEM Nova 105 ULTRA-LITE. The machine shoots the ball, and I can do anything except for service because it is indoor and I will hit the roof.

These 3 rackets will be the racket I will choose from and this is the list.


It is hard to explain but the racket is very nice and you can hit flat and slice with it very well, so I suggest a hard hitter who has a good touch to use it. I hit very hard but I am trying to put topspin on my ball so I probably won’t choose this but it was the best feeling of all 3 rackets. This is for Good players to use it is a thin racket. I liked doing volleys with this racket.


It is very easy to control the ball and to put the ball into the court. You can easily hit a fastball when there is a chance ball and you hit flat spin and slice, with this racket. For this racket, the harder you swing the racket you can feel it, and that is why I liked doing backhand with this racket. You can push the opponent and create an open court with this racket.


It is not bad but this racket is hard to do volleys and slice and this racket is made to hit topspin, so when you are playing against a moon ballplayer, this racket will help but you can’t hit a heavy ball. So if I am going to use this racket I will go defense and stand back of the baseline more than usual. The attack plan is to put so much topspin and make the opponent back then drop volley.

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