[2021.12.21] Watching the Auckland Championships (including Auckland Junior Summer Top 16 Shootout)


I watched Santiago Gonzalez and many other good players. Under-16 and Under-12.
I saw Jack Chapman and Aaditya Lal match.

What I thought:

  • Their intensity is so high, my eye hardly can catch up. 
  • it doesn’t look like they are trying to put topspin, but there has such a heavy stroke. I think there are creating spin with their grip or with Raphael’s hack.
  • It doesn’t look like they care about missing. Instead, it looks like they are caring about the opponent pushing u.
  • They go to the net a lot, they are all good at volleys.
  • Everybody had good serves and had a good 3rd shot.
  • All the player finish the point when the opponent hit the ball short.
  • Jack Chapman isn’t high, but he was able to beat Aaditya Lal who is higher than my dad, it is because he was consistent, and did not let Aaditya hit comfortably.
  • Their feet are moving not stopping, even when off the point.
  • They don’t go back if there is a deep ball they use a rising shot. 
  • Even when they are rushing to a point where they are getting shaken they don’t use a slice to defend they use a heavy ball.
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