[2022.2.20] Doing medicine ball backhand


We did medicine ball shaking to the side for a warm-up for both forehand and backhand, then we did backhand foot movement because I have this thing that I have to change and the medicine ball is the best equipment to change.

What I learned

This is to make my backhand faster and to be able to go back to the center after I hit.

  • When I want to go to the right I have to move my left foot to the left, and the same for the other side, I will get the faster speed if I push my other leg to the other side.
  • It is important to bring your back leg to the front so that it will be easier for you to hit the ball deep, and for you to go back to the center.
  • You want to face a little right after you hit our backhand then you can easier and faster to the center.
  • My forehand grip is too western so I might want to turn my grip to semi-western.
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