[2022.1.8] Types of the ball return


I thought about what kind of ball I could hit depending on the position where I stood on the court.

Right side baseline

I would go cross court mainly flat, but super fast ball, or down the line with a topspin ball, that has a little shape.

Right side service line

forehand slice going right curving or Forehand topspin cross court. I wouldn’t like to go down the line. I wouldn’t go dropshot because I do dropshot when there is a low ball.

Near the right side net

I would do only slice, and maybe fake drop shot and put it deep, or do slice lop and get back to the baseline.

Center baseline

I would go crosscourt if it came to my forehand, and if it came to my backhand I would do drop shot or slice or go down the line.

Center service line

I would do a drop shot on their backhand or hit it hard on their backhand.

Near the center net

I would brush it up to cross-court or drop shot it nearby, or slice lop to the baseline.

Left side baseline

It depends on what kind of ball it is, but I would go high loop ball cross-court or bazooka to down the line.

Left side service line

The only topspin shot I would use is down the line, but other than that I would use slice and move the opponent.

Near the right side net

I would only use topspin and go crosscourt.

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