[2022.2.27] Reviewing 3days Nagoya Camp


It was a wonderful 3 days, and I have improved so much, I can attack now, and I am a one-handed backhand person.

What I learned in the Nagoya training

  • All the good players swing their racket to attack and they don’t step back, if there is a deep ball they do rise shot.
  • Hitting at the front made me go forward and not wait to hit.
  • One-handed backhand is easy to swing and attack but when I am getting attacked I switch it back to 2 handed backhands.
  • For volleys, I kind of did cut, and that way I can hit stronger volleys.
  • For smashes I faced the side, then I will be able to hit to the adv side.
  • I should never lower my racket speed because the ball goes out, and that is about my technique and the racket/tension If I am able to swing comfortably and if I am hitting a good Nadal’s ball but the ball goes out, I should change my string or tension.
  • For backhand, I need to go forward more because I am waiting and I end up losing all the power I tanked up the eventually I will be able to hit the ball at the front.
  • I have to rotate my hip more and go to left/forward, I have this habit when I go backward when I am hitting or rallying so I have to always go forward first especially when there is a chance ball, then I adjust.
  • Good players don’t care about what equipment they use, they play great with all rackets.
  • I wasn’t standing a chance against Cherry Tennis Clubs’ people, because they swing hard, and I only tap and defense and I waiting for them to miss, but instead, they come forward and game over for me.
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