[2021.12.13] Stayed at home cause it was raining.


It is going to be like a diary for today, cause I didn’t go to the tennis court, but even though I still have some things that I learned from watching youtube.

I watched Shuzo Challenge person come to Star Tennis Academy, and say cool things.

These are the things he said:

  • Even if you hit 100 good hand feeding ball in practise if it doesn’t work in matches it is useless 
  • we are all doing practise to play good tennis in the match not in practise. 
  • There is some people who plays like S5 in practise match, but then when it comes to real matches that comes in points, they suddenly play like a person who just holded a racket in his life.

Today I was able to do 10 push-ups 3 sets easily, I think it is because I got power from Shuzo san.

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