[2022.2.21] Going to Nagoya to train in tennis


Why I am going to Nagoya to play tennis…
There is this coach whose name is Takuma, and he is my used to be my coach in New Zealand but went to Japan, and I haven’t seen him in a while and I am going to see him once again and learn many things again. He has also organized much stuff for me like, hitting with Nagoya juniors, or meeting his coach. etc

Things I am looking forward to in Nagoya

  1. To eat lots of food and yummy snacks Etc
  2. To play tennis with top-class tennis juniors.
  3. To meet new coaches and advice from them.
  4. To improve my strategy and tennis itself.
  5. To have a hit with Takuma san.
  6. I want Takuma san to see how much I improved and how much I got better.

Things to keep in mind in Nagoya

  1. I am going to have a good greeting.
  2. I am going to drink lots of water and I am not going to rush to hit balls.
  3. I am going to take notes and use my time wisely.
  4. I am going to run for every ball and at the start of short tennis.

Things I am going to master when I come back from Nagoya

  1. I am going to master my forehand and make a shot that I can go forward to the net.
  2. I am going to master my net play and positioning.
  3. I am going to run faster each day, and have stronger stamina.
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