[2022.1.31] Reviewing David coach’s lesson from December 2020


This happened on 5th December 2020.
This was a semi-private lesson with David, it was an hour I paired up with Kyle.
We enjoyed ourselves so much and David is a strategy coach so I learned many things from him that day.

Here is what I wrote that day after the coaching.

How to win in matches David’s way

Getting winner

  1. Hitting into the open court.
  2. Hitting fast ball
  3. Have a game at your pace.
  4. Weight on the front.

Kohtaro’s way

  • Create open space by attacking first

No misses

  1. Doing your takeback faster
  2. getting back to your position faster.
  3. Less double fault.

Kohtaro’s way

  • Stand behind the baseline, and react to the ball fast

Answer from David to my question

  • When I am angry think of me winning the game
  • You should use topspin as main, but you can use slice
  • Change your pronation when changing your serve direction
  • Face your body in the direction where you want to hit
Next Generation Tennis Court on 5th December 2020
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