Next Generation Tennis Court


[2022.1.31] Reviewing David coach’s lesson from December 2020

This happened on 5th December 2020.This was a semi-private lesson with David, it was an hour I paired up with Kyle.We e...

[2022.1.11] Lavie training

We did 4 different types of feeding, and there were six of us so we got a group in 3, and Seb feeds the other, and Chri...

[2022.1.4] Lavie Camp

It was 6 hours with 2 hours lunch break, and my leg was dead after 6 hours. Today’s focus was on preparation and rea...
Hitting practice

[2021.12.18] Hitting with Kyle Gowing

We did a full 2 set match and I won 6-1 6-2 It was the indoor court, so there was no wind or any distraction, but th...
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